Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick Edit

Nine's Own Goal Edit

  1. Ainz Ooal Gown
  2. Touch Me
  3. Warrior Takemikazuchi
  4. Nishiki Enrai
  5. Flatfoot
  6. Amanomahitotsu
  7. Wish III
  8. Ancient One
  9. Ninth Nine's Own Goal Member*
  • Left Nine's Own Goal before Ainz Ooal Gown was formed. May or may not be the person considered the 42nd member of the guild who may have a reserved ring. [1] [2] [3]

Initial Ainz Ooal Gown Members Edit

  1. Peroroncino
  2. Bukubukuchagama
  3. Herohero
  4. Blue Planet
  5. Ulbert Alain Odle
  6. Garnet
  7. Bellriver
  8. Variable Talisman
  9. Nearata
  10. Nuubou
  11. Genjiro
  12. Yamaiko
  13. Whitebrim
  14. Punitto Moe
  15. Tabula Smaragdina
  16. Beast King Mekongawa
  17. Tigris Euphrates
  18. Temperance
  19. Slathan

Later Ainz Ooal Gown Members Edit

  1. Ankoro Mochimochi
  2. Luci★Fer
  3. Coup de Grace
  4. Whitebrim
  5. Shijuuten Suzuaku
  • End of YGGDRASIL Registered Guild Members [4] [5]
  1. Ainz Ooal Gown (Momonga)
  2. Herohero
  3.  ?
  4.  ??


Floor Guardians Edit

  1. Shalltear
  2. Gargantua
  3. Cocytus
  4. Aura Bella Fiore
  5. Mare Bello Fiore
  6. Demiurge
  7. Victim
  8. Sebas Tian*
  9. Albedo
  • Sebas is called the civilian version of a Floor Guardian in Nazarick in terms of rank and has a degree of oversight on the Ninth Floor. [6]

Area Guardians Edit

  1. Pandora's Actor
  2. Aureole Omega
  3. Grant
  4. Kyouhukou
  5. Guren
  6. Gashokukochuuou

Pleiades Edit

  1. Yuri Alpha
  2. Lupusregina Beta
  3. Solution Epsilon
  4. Narberal Gamma
  5. CZ 2126 "Shizu" Delta
  6. Entoma Vasillessa Zeta

Other NPCs Edit

  1. Neuronist Painkill
  2. Nigredo
  3. Pulcinella
  4. Pestonya
  5. Eclair Eicler Eiclear
  6. Ten Manservants?
  7. Chef
  8. Sous Chef
  9. Titus Anneaus Secundus
  10. Unnamed Black Smith
  11. Fifth
  12. Sixth
  13. Lumiere
  14. Etoile
  15. Increment
  16. Decrement
  17. Rubedo
  18. Chacmool
  19. Mondenkinto

Re-Estize Kingdom Edit

Royal Family Edit

Great Nobles Edit

Other Nobles Edit

E-Rantel Edit

Re-Estize Adventures Edit

Adamantite Edit

Blue Rose Edit

Red Drop Edit

Mithril Edit

Zuranon Edit

Lizardman Villages Edit

Baharuth Empire Edit

Slaine Theocracy Edit

Uppermost Leadership Edit

Six Scriptures Edit

Black Scripture Edit

Sunlight Scripture Edit

Windflower Scripture Edit

Clearwater Scripture Edit

Holocaust Scripture Edit

Unnamed Scripture Edit

Roble Holy Kingdom Edit

Abelion Hills Edit

Draconic Kingdom Edit

Dwarven Kingdom Edit

Quagoa Clans Edit

Elven Kingdom Edit

Agrande Republic Edit

Permanent Councillors Edit

  1. Platinum Dragon Lord
  2. Blue Sky Dragon Lord
  3. Diamond Dragon Lord
  4. Obsidian Dragon
  5. Wyrm Dragon

Karnasus City-State Alliance Edit


Silver CanaryEdit

Unknown Affiliated Dragons Edit

  1. Dragon Emperor

True Dragon Lords Edit

  1. Brightness Dragon Lord
  2. Heavenly Sky Dragon Lord
  3. Deep Darkness Dragon Lord

Misc Dragons Edit

Deceased Dragons Edit

  1. White Dragon Lord
  2. Elder Coffin Dragon Lord
  3. Vampire Dragon Lord

Possible Players Edit

  1. Boastful Sage
  2. Leader of the Thirteen Heroes
  3. Six Great Gods
  4. Eight Greed Kings
  5. Player killed by Deep Darkness Dragon Lord

Thirteen Heroes Edit

Demon Gods Edit

Demon King Edit

Other Demon Gods Edit

Legendary New Worlders Edit

  1. Landfall
  2. Goblin King
  3. Boastful Sage

  1. Volume 1 Chapter 2: As expected, there was no response. He tried to contact the forty, no, forty one members of the Guild with a [Message], but after receiving no reply, Momonga gently shook his head.
  2. Volume 1 Chapter 3: He was correct in that this ring was intended for the guild members. Only one hundred of them had been made, so that meant that there were only fifty nine rings without owners —no, fifty eight.
  3. Volume 2 Chapter 3: The hidden condition was that more than half of the present guild members had to approve of the prospective member. Therefore, even if Ainz agreed, he could not add members to the guild on his own.
  4. Volume1 Chapter 1: Of the forty one members of the guild, thirty seven of them had quit. The other three were still registered as members of the guild, but Momonga had already lost count of the number of days since they had last come here.
  5. Volume 3 Chapter 3: "You, you see, those four empty spaces?" After making sure that Albedo’s eyes were turned in that direction, Ainz explained why there were no statues in there. "I shall put my own Avatara in one of these niches." His Guild members had said, "You can have them," and then left the game after transferring their equipment and cash items to him. Ainz had then used cash items of his own to make these golems, in order to put their equipment to use, and to serve as a memorial for his friends who had left the game.
  6. Web Novel 25: And in fact, Sebas could feel the guards' questioning eyes on him. He could tell they were uncomfortable. Of course, a good part of their discomfort stood from being aware of a potential intruder, but there was also an element of discomfort stemming from having to treat Sebas specifically as a potential intruder. Such was the high position that Sebas held as the Land Steward of Nazarick. Sebas was the civilian equivalent of the highest military leaders in Nazarick. Even highly ranked subordinates of Cocytus felt uncomfortable having to challenge him.
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