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Climb's Web Novel appearance is very similar to the Light Novel appearance, being loyal to Renner, desiring to improve himself constantly, and tries to be faultless as not to inconvenience his lady. He's described as being not as strong as B-class adventures [1]. He received his armor thanks to Blue Rose. Described as a virgin and extreme hard worker. [2].

Arcadia Edit

Said to be 15 years old [3]. Climb's level was described as less than Level 19 and 20 and in the "middle of the tens" [4].

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  1. WN Men in the Kingdom 5 "But he was only at the level where he was slightly better than a warrior Gazef led, or an adventurer that could not reach B Rank."
  2. WN 60: Settings"
  3. Arcadia 2675: Climb is 15.
  4. Arcadia 3239:Q:Climb is around [level] 19 or 20?. A:Climb? He is not that strong though? He’s in the middle of the 10s.
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