Appearance Edit

An ultra-large golem. [1] A bipedal golem with stubby limbs that has a red glow on it's chest. Stands over 30 meters. [2]

Background Edit

The Fourth Floor Guardian of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. [3]

Personality Edit

Unknown if golems have personalities or are purely constructs that follow orders.

Chronology Edit

Gargantua was first mentioned in Volume 1.

It is mentioned again in Volume 3's Epilogue.

Volume 4 is Gargantua's first appearance.

Web Novel Edit

Referred to as a "Tactical Siege Golem". Described as being part of YGGDRASIL and not an NPC created from scratch. Part of this not origin is Gargantua was written to be a Fourth Floor Guardian, however the golem could not be used for base defense and only for sieges. Due to storage reasons, the golem was just left in the bottom of the 4th Floors lake. [4]

Relationships Edit

Unlike other NPCs, there has been no mention of a personality or relationship with other NPCs. If this is due to being a golem or it's atypical origin has not been elaborated on.

Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

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  2. Volume 4 Chapter 4: "Before his eyes was a massive statue hewn of stone, with a pair of arms and legs. Its sturdy, slab-like chest pulsed with red light, like a heartbeat. Its limbs were thick and stubby, and it looked almost adorable …well, it would have been, if it were not over thirty meters tall. This massive stone statue suddenly appeared from the forest."
  3. Volume 1 Chapter 2 The Meeting: "the Fourth Floor Guardian Gargantua"
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