The general of the Empire's 8th Legion [1]. A man who after seeing Ainz use his Super Tier magic at Katze swears loyalty to him instead of the Empire along with some like-minded soldiers. He becomes a minor figure in Ainz's noble circle, attending parties he host [2], running errands for him (like making a job offer to Jet), and being in charge of guarding his estate in the eyes of nobles. Can be considered somewhat of a pervert as he got an erection from Ainz's overwhelming show of power and even thinking about it can cause it to return.

Appearance Edit

Described as handsome to an extent that is jarring with his aggressive and militant behavior. This is compounded by his lack of empathy with even enemies.

Chronology Edit

After the massacre at Katze Plains, General Ray argues with his fellow generals over pursuing the remnants of the Kingdom's army and completely routing them. He is opposed by all the others who are wary of Ainz and feel sympathy for what remains of the survivors. In his heart though he mocks them for even trying to out maneuver Ainz and not instantly siding with someone who has such overwhelming power.

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