Volume 1 - The Undead King Edit

Earliest Possible Date: Late 6th Month 2Xth Day based on Evileye's statement minus 8 days?

Starts: Moment of Transfer (Late 6th Month, Early 7th Month)

Nazarick is hidden by hills: 3rd Night After Transfer [1]

Carne Village Saved: 73 hours after transfer

Ends: Before 8th Day after Transfer

Snooping on the Guardians Season 1 Anime Drama CD Edit

Starts: After Volume 1 [2]

Ends: Before Volume 2 [3]

Volume 2 - The Dark Warrior Edit

Earliest Possible Date: 7th Month 4th Day based on Evileye's statement?

Starts: 8th Day After Transfer [4]

Momon becomes an Adventurer less than two months before 9th Month, 3rd day. [5]

Darkness teams with Swords of Darkness: 9th Day After Transfer [6]

Battle in the Graveyard: 11th Night After Transfer [7]

Ends: 12th Day After Transfer [8]

Volume 3 - The Bloody Valkyrie Edit

Starts: 11th Night After Transfer

Ainz's PoV: 12th Day After Transfer [9]

Ends: 12th Day After Transfer

Epilogue: During Volume 4 [10]

Evil Tree Drama CD Edit

8th Month?

Starts: A month after Shalltear was saved [11]

Ends: One day later and before Volume 4 [12]

Volume 4 - The Lizard Man Heroes Edit

Season: Summer [13]

Starts: At least two weeks after Evil Tree? [14] 8 Days before Iguvua attacks. [15]

Lizardmen Tribes Meet Together: Four days before Iguvua attacks. [16]

Lizardmen Meet Ainz: One day after battle with Iguvua [17]

VS Cocytous: Several Days After Iguvua's battle [18]


Search For Hamusuke S1 Drama CDEdit

Start: After Volume 4 [19]

Ends: Before Volume 8 [20]

Volume 8 - The Two Leaders Edit

8th Month?

Before Autumn: [21] Starts: After Volume 4 [22]

Ends: Before Men in the Kingdom Part 2 (9th Month 3rd Night). [23]

Harvest happens in Autumn AFTER Volume 8. [24]

Volume 5 - The Men in the Kingdom Part 1 Edit

Summer [25]

Starts: 8th Month 26th Day [26]

Ends: 9th Month 3rd Night [27]

Volume 6 - The Men in the Kingdom Part 2 Edit

Starts: 9th Month 3rd Night [28]

Ends: 9th Month 10th Day [29]

Volume 7 - The Invaders of the Large Tomb Edit

10th Month

Season: Autumn Harvest Season [30]

Starts: Prologue is right after Volume 6

Ainz goes to Empire: At least one month after Volume 6 [31]

Ainz goes to market during first two days: [32]

Ainz leaves Empire 7 days later: [33]

Takes 4 days to reach Nazarick from Empire: [34]


Volume 9 - The Magic Caster of Destroy Edit

Starts: Right after Volume 7 Epilogue

Jircniv Visits Nazarick 5 days after Volume 7 Epilogue: [35]

Season Winter: [36]

Kingdom gets letter from Empire: [37]

Kingdom gathers in E-Rantel: 2 months later [38]

Ends: First day of Spring [39]

Volume 10 - The Ruler of Conspiracy Edit

Starts: One Month After Volume 9 Brand New Chapter [40]


Volume 11 - The Craftsman of Dwarf Edit

Volume 12 - The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Part 1 Edit


Season: Chapter 1 Autumn [42] [43]

Season:Chapter 2 onwards Winter [44]

Volume 13 - The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Part 2 Edit

Season: Chapter 4 Winter [45]

End: Spring? [46] [47]

  1. Volume 1 Chapter 3: However, it had been over three days since this abnormality occurred, roughly seventy three hours.
  2. Ainz: After that, several Guardians will be assigned to missions outside Nazarick. In addition, since I have some free time, I wish to pose as a human being and infiltrate their cities to gather information
  3. Albedo: I cannot. However, once I am in my armor, it should be fine. It was fine in the village.
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  11. Sealed Evil Tree Drama CD: "Satoru: It’s been more than a month already since I saved Shalltear. There’s still a mountain of work to be done."
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  13. Volume 4 Chapter 1: "Night fell, and with it came a cool breeze. The humidity and heat made the marshlands feel oppressively hot, but once night came, that feeling slowly subsided. In fact, once the night winds blew it even felt a little chilly."
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  20. Aura: They’re starting it again. I don’t care! Although …that lion statue looks really majestic …Feels like it could move at any moment. Nah, there’s no way that could be.
  21. Volume 8 Story 1: The wheat they had planted had grown slowly but steadily, and as the harvest season approached, the wheat would slowly turn golden.
  22. Volume 8 Story 2: "Yes. In truth, we are building our fourth fish preserve here." As he heard Shasuryu’s words, enlightenment dawned on Mare.
  23. Volume 8 Story 2: "Once you return, the only ones working outside will be Demiurge, who has many tasks to complete, Sebas and Solution, who are gathering information in the Royal Capital, Aura, who is building a base in the forest, and then Narberal and myself."
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  32. Volume 7 Chapter 1: "Drink, then, and listen to me as you do. I plan to spend two days seeing the sights of the Imperial Capital. I hear that the central markets have a wide variety of stock, and just browsing them is quite interesting. Then, there’s the northern markets, which seem to contain a majority of shops stocking magic items. Adventurers go there regularly."
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